1. Bicycling

    Obtain bicycle maps, read laws and learn about the bicycle clubs in the area.

  2. Cooperative Play

    Learn about the various activities and programs available to create cooperation rather than competition.

  3. Disc Golf

    Read about the two disc golf courses available in the county.

  4. Dog Friendly Sites

    Discover sites where you may walk and spend time with your dog.

  5. Game Bag Rental

    Make your next picnic or event a bigger success by renting a game bag.

  6. Ice Arena

    Sprinker Recreation Center's ice arena offers public ice skating, skate lessons, hockey, broomball, while featuring ice skating competitions and shows.

  7. Outdoor Adventures

    Join the department for fun outdoor activities throughout the year.

  8. Trails

    Discover the various types of trails in Pierce County.