Current Construction and Restoration Projects

  1. Fennel Creek Restoration

    Fennel Creek Restoration

    This project connects the creek to its historic floodplain.

  2. Neadham Road Levee Improvement

    Neadham Road Levee Improvement

    Pierce County is reinforcing and stabilizing the levee near Neadham Rd. to reduce flooding.

  3. South Fork Floodplain Restoration

    South Fork Floodplain Restoration

    Construction of a side channel of the Puyallup River to reduce flood risk and provide salmon habitat.

  4. Spanaway Park Retrofit

    Spanaway Park Retrofit

    Low impact development retrofits of the park reduce impacts of stormwater runoff on Spanaway Lake.

  5. Swan Creek Park Closure

    Swan Creek Park Closure

    The Pioneer Way entrance to Swan Creek Park will be closed in July 2016.