Planning Projects

  1. Chambers-Clover Creek Groundwater Study

    Chambers-Clover Creek Groundwater Study

    A groundwater model that covers 491 square miles in the Chambers-Clover watershed.

  2. Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

    Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

    Pierce County is developing a program to obtain Endangered Species Act (ESA) coverage for routine maintenance activities conducted on the area's rivers.

  3. Habitat and Flood Capacity Creation Project

    Habitat and Flood Capacity Creation Project

    The county is investigating a likely pilot location for a multi-benefit sediment removal and habitat creation project.

  4. Purdy Creek Fish Passage

    Purdy Creek Fish Passage

    We are considering several options to improve fish passage in Purdy Creek upstream of SR 302.

  5. Puyallup River Flood Protection at Orville Rd

    Puyallup River Flood Protection at Orville Rd

    This project will protect 2 miles of Orville Road between Electron Road and 249th St. E. near Orting. This project will be completed in 5 phases over several years.

  6. Rody Creek Restoration

    Rody Creek Restoration

    We're restoring a portion of Rody Creek to reduce flooding and improve fish habitat.

  7. Salmon Recovery - Lead Entity

    Salmon Recovery - Lead Entity

    We are working with partners as a Lead Entity to prioritize funding for salmon recovery projects in the Puyallup and Chambers-Clover watersheds.

  8. Spanaway Lake Management Plan

    Spanaway Lake Management Plan

    Pierce County is developing a Spanaway Lake Management Plan.

  9. System Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF)

    System Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF)

    Plan to ensure Pierce County's levee system remains eligible for federal funding and repairs under Public Law 84-99

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