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What We Do

The Surface Water Management maintenance and operations section has the following responsibilities:

Stormwater Facilities:

Over 450 publicly owned stormwater ponds throughout Pierce County. Basic maintenance includes vegetation management, sediment removal, retrofit and repair.

River Flood Control Improvements:

69 miles of levees and revetments (more than 40 miles of river) along the Puyallup, White, Carbon and Nisqually rivers. Pierce County typically spends $2-3 million per year on maintenance and repair of river protection systems.

Drainage Maintenance:

30+ creek and regional off right-of-way ditch systems. Many of these areas were previously maintained by drainage districts that have since dissolved.


Clover, Clarks, Rody, Swan and other creeks as needed. Focus is on maintaining conveyance of runoff through selective vegetation management and removal of obstructions, trash and debris.

Citizen Inquiries:

Respond to more than 250 citizen inquiries per year.

Quarry Operations:

Responsible for operation of the County's quarry located near the city of Orting. The quarry produces about 60,000 tons per year, providing structural rock and aggregate materials used by the maintenance and operations section for construction and repair of flood control projects.

Land Management:

Surface Water Management owns public properties throughout the County. Properties include: stormwater pond sites, wetland mitigation sites, floodplain land acquisition sites, multi-use facilities that might include trails or other recreational facilities.

Flood and Disaster Response and Recovery:

Response to flood emergency situations to flood-fight and to assess damages or possible failures of public flood protection facilities. When applicable, we coordinate with the US Army Corps of Engineers for maintenance and repairs to flood protection facilities, and coordinate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for financial recovery of flood response work.

Other Responsibilities:

Pump stations, vegetation and noxious weeds on Surface Water Management properties, freshwater and marine stormwater outfalls, review of new stormwater facilities plans, and other various stormwater related duties.
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