About Us

Mission, Vision, & Values

The department's mission and values were developed after internal employee surveys and committee meetings determining what is important to us as public servants.

Our Mission

We deliver excellent public works services

Our Vision

To be the best public works department

Our Values

Our department’s values define the fundamental ethics, behaviors, and beliefs that guide our actions and decisions. Applying these values in our words and deeds will strengthen the department and help us fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.

We work together as a team with each other and our partners in other agencies and groups.

We are always dependable, open, honest, and fair in all we do.

We strive for excellence to provide quality systems and services that are the best value for those we serve.

We continually strive to improve our systems and services with proven innovations.

We work for the safety of each other and those using our systems and services in everything we do.

Public Service
We strive for the best service for our customers, both internal and for the public using our systems and services.

We are responsible stewards of the assets and resources entrusted with us and of the environment we live and work within.
Green line

Strategic Planning & Performance Measures

Public Works uses a variety of planning tools to guide the delivery of our services. Each of our six service areas prepare plans related to their regulatory environment—for instance 6-year capital improvement programs, 20-year master plans, etc. In addition, our department has a Strategic Plan which highlights our 3 highest objectives and our initiatives for 2015.

2015 Strategic Plan