Units / Divisions

  1. Civil Process Unit

    Find out about the roles and responsibilities of the Civil Process Unit.

  2. Contract Services

    Learn about what help is provided to you through contract services.

  3. Domestic Violence

    Access information about recognizing domestic violence and what steps to take against it.

  4. Forensics

    Find out more about the Forensic Investigation Section.

  5. Investigations

    Learn about how Pierce County handles investigations.

  6. Patrol

    Discover the various areas patrolled and services offered through the patrol section of the Sheriff's Department.

  7. Property Room

    Learn about where evidence is stored in Pierce County.

  8. School Resource Officers

    Read about the roles and responsibilities of the school resource officers.

  9. Special Units

    Find out more about what the Special Units section of the Sheriff's Department does.

  10. Traffic Division

    Check out all the ways that the Traffic Division serves our community.