Dive Team

Team Compilation

The Pierce County Metro Dive team comprises nine Pierce County deputies and two Tacoma Police officers. For all members, it is an extra-duty assignment. The Dive Team trains on average twice each month and responds to roughly 60-70 missions annually. The primary mission of the Pierce County Metro Dive Team is the safety of its personnel and members of the public.
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Training & Missions

Missions of the Pierce County Metro Dive Team include rescues, recoveries and evidence searches. They are trained to operate in high mountain lakes near Mount Rainier to Port Security missions in the Puget Sound. In addition to lakes and Puget Sound dives, they also handle numerous swift water operations annually. The Dive Team is also equipped with various types of specialized search equipment. They train frequently with boat operations, sonar equipment and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Due to the equipment the Pierce County Metro Dive team operates, they are looked upon as a regional team. As a result, their assistance is often requested by different agencies within the state. The demand placed on the Pierce County Dive Team requires training, professionalism and attention to detail in every mission.

For More Information

For more information, contact the Pierce County Sheriff's Department administration at (253) 798-7530.