GIS Applications

Pierce County PublicGIS
Pierce County Open Data
Info By Address
Create customized maps of Pierce County. Select the area of interest, add parcels or other data layers, and then query the map for detailed information.
Review and download GIS data FREE. Data themes available in a variety of categories.
Search by address to view information about political districts, political leaders, precinct information, parks, firearm restrictions, and urban growth boundaries.
About My Property
Neighborhood Crime
Ferry Tracker
Find basic property information, zoning laws, and environmental data for any property in unincorporated Pierce County. You can search by parcel or site address.

This interactive mapping program provides crime data and statistics for neighborhoods in Pierce County.
Where's the Pierce County ferry right now? Ferry Tracker provides you with a map of the ferry's current location and arrival/departure times.
Discover Parks
Directions to Pierce County Facilities
Map Gallery
Need to find a park close to you? DiscoverParks provides eight ways to locate a park in Pierce County.

Need to visit a Pierce County facility, but don't know how to get there? Search by department, facility, address or map to find directions and printable maps.
Pierce County has over 250 maps available for free via the Map Gallery.
Survey and Monuments
TIP Projects
Pierce County Parcel Search
Locate survey monuments and benchmarks in Pierce County through several different searching tools.
Use various locator tools to search for transportation improvement program projects in your neighborhood.
Get detailed property and tax information through Parcel Search. Enter a parcel number or site address to obtain tax valuation, building information, and a site map.
Sales Search
Search for property sales by parcel number or appraisal area through this useful interactive application.