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Grants & Financing

Financial resources are key to any sustainability project. Everyone is doing more with less, but these resources can help you find grants to help pay for projects that improve the health of your community and your bottom line.

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Sustainability Resource Links

Air Quality

Reducing air pollution levels, both indoors and out, helps cut the risk of respiratory disease, heart disease and lung cancer. Learn strategies for improving community health through better air quality.

Green Purchasing & Recycling

Selecting products and services that minimize environmental impact can reduce waste, cut pollutants and save money. Get tips for creating or updating your purchasing and recycling policies.


Clean, efficient, affordable transportation is vital to economic vitality. From reliable commuter choices to business delivery and freight options, having systems, policies and technologies that match community needs is critical to sustainable growth.

Energy Efficiency

Cost savings from energy efficiency can add up quickly. Explore ways to identify and cut waste, reduce consumption, lower energy bills and qualify for utility rebates.

Land Use & Development

Sustainable land use planning involves issues that affect air and water quality, access to transportation options, economic vitality, and quality of life. Get tools for optimizing choices and decisions.

Water Quality

Safe drinking water is essential to every neighborhood. Clean rivers, streams and bays are necessary for wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities. Get help in developing policies to meet current and future demands for residential, farm and business needs.