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About the PC-NET Program

Pierce County Neighborhood Emergency Teams (PC-NET) provides neighbors with the knowledge and tools necessary to work together for an effective response following emergencies and disasters. Professional responders will not be available to assist you after a major disaster—you become the first responder. If individuals and their neighbors are prepared to mutually assist one another, lives can be saved and property can be spared. This program teaches neighborhoods how to respond to disasters through a variety of training modules taught by your local PC-NET coordinators, local emergency responders, and your appointed neighborhood block coordinator(s).


Neighborhoods interested in starting a PC-NET will begin with the training outlined in PHASE I. Following the completion of PHASE I, neighborhoods will have the opportunity to further participate in PHASE II and PHASE III—neighborhoods choose their level of participation. PC -NET is sponsored by Pierce County Department of Emergency Management and is free of charge.


  1. Overview of PC-NET
  2. Team Development
  3. Gather Neighborhood Supplies
  4. Walkabout
  5. Neighborhood Response and Fire/9-1-1 Safety

Preparedness Academy

The Preparedness Academy offers position specific training for the eight disaster response team positions. Team members who receive this training will be better equipped to fulfill the duties their disaster response team is responsible for.

Neighborhood Drill

  • Neighborhood Functional Drill: Participate in a neighborhood drill.

Additional PC NET opportunities

  • Volunteer Expansion: Volunteer in your community.
  • PC-NET Train-the-Trainer: Become a PC-NET trainer.

Resources for PC-NET Team Members