Rain Gardens

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Did you know?

Pierce County receives 38-56 inches of rain per year. Rain that does not soak into the ground turns into runoff that picks up oils, fertilizers, and other chemicals as it travels to our streams, rivers and Puget Sound. You can plant a rain garden to soak up runoff from your property.

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens are shallow areas often planted with native plants. Rain gardens can store water during large rain events and filter out pollutants. Rain gardens are a great place to collect water from roof downspouts, paved areas or overflow from rain barrels.

Rain gardens:

  • Can be planted with native plants or with attractive perennials to fit your landscaping.
  • Filter pollutants out of runoff as water drains through roots and soil.
  • Provide habitat for birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.
  • Store extra rainwater during large storms to minimize flooding.

Rain Garden Handout:

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