Nonmotorized Planning

Nonmotorized Projects

The 2015 Nonmotorized Project List identifies nonmotorized improvements that are either under construction or scheduled to begin construction this year.

These nonmotorized improvements may be constructed on their own or in conjunction with other roadway improvements. However, the construction schedule for any project may be affected by financial, design, environmental, right-of-way, or other delays.

Nonmotorized Transportation Planning

Nonmotorized transportation planning is important to help increase mobility choices, relieve traffic congestion, reduce air pollution and fuel consumption, promote physical activity and health, and improve quality of life.

Pierce County has adopted a Nonmotorized Transportation Plan (NMTP) (PDF), which is incorporated by reference into the Pierce County Code. The policies of the NMTP also appear in the Transportation Element of the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan.

The links below include the project recommendations from the NMTP for specific areas in Pierce County.
Free copies of the Nonmotorized Transportation Plan are available at the Planning and Public Works Records Counter, Room 150, 2401 S 35th St., Tacoma.
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