IT Articles & Presentations

Discovering Our World Through GIS – GIS Day, Nov 2017
EAM at Pierce County –  EAM Seattle User Group Conference, May 2017
Customizing WebAppBuilder Widgets – WA URISA Conference, May 2017
Why Consider ERP in the Cloud? – Governing Webinar, March 2016
Women in Technology Panel  South Sound Technology Conference, March 2016 
FirstToSee and Technical Writing in Government – Society of Technical Communicators, February 2016 
Archiving Social Media and Text Messages – Pierce County Clerks and Financial Managers, February 2016 
The Importance of Partnerships – Puget Sound Cyber Security Workshop, March 2015
Mobile Inspections – Pacific Northwest Digital Government Summit, October 2014
Cloud Therapy – Pacific Northwest Digital Government Summit, October 2014
Improving Government Performance: Making the Case for Technology Investment – Public CIO Special Report Webinar, September 2014
Managing Assets More Efficiently With Mobile Technology – ESRI User Conference, July 2014
Open Source Solution for Component Based Web GIS – WA URISA Conference, May 2014
Cybersecurity and Insurance South Sound Technology Conference, March 2014
Address Repositories: Benefits, Challenges and Future Direction – WA URISA Conference, May 2013
Developing a Field Assessment Program Using Asset Management, ArcExplorer and Python Programming – WA URISA Conference, May 2013
From Proprietary to Open Source: The Road We Travelled to Renovate an Enterprise GIS System – WA URISA Conference, May 2013
Low-Cost Mobile Solution for Fire Hydrant Inspections – WA URISA Conference, May 2013
Governing From The Cloud: Pierce County and City of Orlando – Governing Webinar, January 2013