Felony Division

The Felony Division is the largest division of the Prosecutor's Office. It is responsible for prosecuting all felonies committed by adults in Pierce County. The division is divided into specialized units, which prosecute cases based on the type of crime committed.
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Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit prosecutes the majority of homicide cases that occur in Pierce County. Homicide cases are time-intensive and require considerably more resources then many other types of felony crimes. The deputy prosecutors assigned to this unit are experienced prosecutors who are accustomed to complex cases, forensic analysis, autopsies, ballistics and DNA evidence. The Homicide Unit handles approximately 100 cases per year... Learn more 

Elder Abuse Unit

The Elder Abuse Unit vigorously prosecuting crimes against elderly citizens, including financial fraud and physical abuse. These cases require special attention because of the vulnerability of the victims. The unit has built a network of professionals including doctors and nurses, financial experts and police officers, to provide... Learn more

High Priority Offender Unit

The High Priority Offender (HPO) Program focuses resources on the small percentage of the criminals who cause a large percentage of the crimes. After a year of preparation, Prosecutor Lindquist formed the HPO Unit in 2016. We are using data, intelligence, and modern technology to identify these high priority offenders. The primary goal of this unit is to reduce overall crime in Pierce County... Learn more
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Human Trafficking Unit

Nationally, human trafficking is the second-fastest growing crime, and this proves true in Pierce County. The Prosecutor's Office's Human Trafficking Unit prosecutes defendants charged with human trafficking, commercial sexual abuse of a minor and promoting prostitution. Most of these cases involve underage girls being sold for sex. In recent years, street gangs have moved into human trafficking because it is safer and more lucrative than selling drugs. Unlike their drug supply, gangs view prostitutes as... Learn more

Special Assault Unit

The Special Assault Unit (SAU) prosecutes sexual and physical abuse against adults, children and the elderly. SAU works collaboratively with law enforcement, the Children's Advocacy Center of Pierce County, hospitals and many other agencies for prevention, investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse. Our office was instrumental in establishing the Child Sexual and Physical Abuse Investigation Protocol for Pierce County, which is a multi-disciplinary team approach to reduce the number of... Learn more

Gang U​nit

Since its creation in 2009, the Pierce County Prosecutor's Gang Unit has proactively charged and prosecuted scores of the most violent gang members for crimes ranging from murder to drug offenses. In 2010 and 2011, the Gang Unit charged 62 Hilltop Crips, 19 Eastside Lokotos Surenos and 12 Tillicum Park Gangster Crips with multiple conspiracy crimes related to murder, burglary, drugs and guns. Nearly all charged in those conspiracy cases have been convicted of felony crimes, and their combined sentences total... 

Learn more

Robbery, Assault & Arson Unit

The Robbery, Assault and Arson Unit prosecutes nearly 800 violent criminals each year who prey upon our citizens, merchants and financial institutions. These cases often involve citizens who have been shot, stabbed or otherwise wounded by armed attackers. Advocates in this unit work closely with violent crime victims and witnesses to help reduce the natural anxiety that comes with involvement in the criminal justice system. Understanding and having confidence in the process is an important first step... Learn more

Vehicular Homicide & Assault Unit

The Vehicular Homicide & Assault Unit works closely with the Washington State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies to prosecute cases of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, felony DUI, felony hit-and-run and eluding/fleeing from police officers. Vehicle collisions happen every day throughout Pierce County. Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide charges are pursued when... Learn more

Identity Theft Unit

The Identity Theft Unit prosecutes offenders who obtain another person's personal or financial information, such as a name, date of birth, social security number, or bank or credit card account number, and use (or intend to use) that information to... Learn more

Drug & Vice Unit

The Drug and Vice Unit handles felony drug, gun and prostitution cases, working closely with local and federal law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking, illegal possession of controlled substances, illegal gun possession and... Learn more

Fugitive & Extradition Unit

The Fugitive and Extradition Unit handles specialized matters involving the transfer of defendants and witnesses across state and international boundaries. When a defendant charged with a crime in Pierce County flees, and is located in another state or county, the Fugitive and Extradition Unit works closely with law enforcement and prosecuting authorities throughout the United States to locate and secure the extradition of that defendant back to Pierce County. Similarly, when a fugitive from another state... Learn more

Property Crimes & Animal Cruelty Unit

The Property Crimes and Animal Cruelty Unit prosecutes felony property crimes and animal cruelty cases. Property crimes include residential burglaries, business burglaries, forgeries, employee embezzlements, metal thefts and felony thefts. The unit handles more than 2,000... Learn more

Appeals Unit

The Appeals Unit defends all criminal convictions obtained by the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office, when those convictions are challenged on appeal or by collateral attack. The unit includes attorneys, legal assistants and law student interns. The Appellate Unit provides advice to trial attorneys in the office and reviews forms, charging language and jury instructions to make sure they are up to date. The majority of the unit's caseload is comprised of... Learn more