Juror Appreciation Week

Juror Appreciation Week - 2014

Juror Appreciation Week May 19-23

On May 13th the Pierce County Council joined Governor Jay Inslee and signed a proclamation naming May 19th to 23rd as Juror Appreciation Week. See a video of the Council vote.
Juries are a cornerstone of our American court system. 95% of the world’s juries are held here in the United States. Jury service imposes on the jurors lives and to many it is a sacrifice to serve. Without these individuals our jury trial system would grind to a halt. To all who have been summoned for or served on Pierce County juries Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Juror Appreciation Week _ Pierce County, WA - Official Website

Jury had a number of visitors and got special treats, some pictures of the celebration are included on this page.

Thank you letter to Jurors
Council Member Dan Roach speaks to the jury1.JPG
Council Member Connie Ladenburg speaks to the jury1.JPG
Judge Culpepper introduces Council member McDonald to the jury1.JPG
Judge Frank Cuthbertson speaks to the jury.JPG
Council Member Stan Flemming speaks to the jury1.JPG
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