Water Conservation

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Goal: Reduce water use in Pierce County buildings


  • Work with staff to adopt new technologies and best practices that reduce water consumption used for both domestic and irrigation applications.
  • Manage, benchmark and trend water consumption in County buildings.
  • Identify and optimize new opportunities for funding that support conservation projects.


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Recycling water?

Before our unusually hot and dry summer, Pierce County Facilities Management was already thinking about water conservation and how we could get one step closer to our water conservation goals. That’s why we will be installing the AQUARECYCLE® system in the jail this fall. Read more..
Individual installing aerator on faucet

More air, less water

Faucet aerators were installed throughout the Remann Hall Juvenile Detention Center and Annex West buildings. The aerators were provided and installed as part of a utility rebate program through Puget Sound Energy. The aerators successfully reduced the amount of water use from the sinks by 30-50%, which in turn saves on water, energy and sewer costs.