2015 - 2016 Farm Forum Workshop Series

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So Good We Made It A Series!

After the overwhelming support and success of the Farm Forum, we are expanding the forum to include a series of workshops on topics that you care about. The workshops are free to attend. Due to limited space, you must register in advance. The workshop series will have events in 2015 and 2016, leading up to the annual Farm Forum event in 2017.

Past Workshops

Irrigation Wells and Water Rights
April 28, 2016

This workshop will provided technical information when applying for irrigation wells, including information on water rights, other ways of securing water rights, how to transfer rights, and irrigation planning and management techniques.

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Farm to Table Trade Workshop
February 25, 2016

A dynamic Farm to Table Trade Workshop where you can meet and network with farmers and purchasers, such as grocery, food hubs, farmers markets, institutional buyers, restaurants, and others. This is a unique event focused on making connections, sharing ideas, sourcing products, and discovering new market opportunities for Pierce County.

Drainage: On the Farm - A discussion on the problems & strategies
January 28, 2016

Description: An interactive workshop that will examine drainage issues and what can be done about it. Proactive management strategies will be explored, such as the types of crops to grow if fields are too wet.

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If you were able to attend, please fill out this Workshop Survey.

Food Hubs: What are they and does Pierce County need one?
November 18,2015

Description: Join us for this workshop that will explore the concept of a Pierce County Food Hub and will result in next steps to support the local food market.

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Workshop Sponsors

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