Guardrail Program (Various Locations)

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What's Happening


Pierce County has issued the Notice to Proceed for March 13, 2017. The Contractor, Petersen Brothers, Inc., will be on site performing the following work:
  • Installing guardrail on the bridges and Rosedale St. NW (groups 123, and 5 )
  • Implementing a 30 day Utility Window on Wollochet Dr. NW (group 4) before installing guardrail

About the Project

The Guardrail Program (CRP 5821) involves installing guardrail and guardrail reflectors at various locations (also called "Groups") throughout the County. Locations include the following:
Group 1: Bridge #23193-A at Clover Creek
Group 2: Bridge #8174-A at South Fork Muck Creek
Group 3: Bridge #22174-D at Tanwax Creek
Group 4: Wollochet Drive Northwest
Group 5: Rosedale Street Northwest

Project Timeline

Jan. 6, 2017: Pierce County awarded the contract to Petersen Brothers, Inc.

March 2, 2017Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

March 13, 2017: Pierce County issues the Notice To Proceed

March-April, 2017: 30 day Utility Window on Wollochet Dr NW (Group 4)

July 2017: Anticipated Substantial Completion date

August 2017: Anticipated Physical Completion date

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Henry Gertje, P.E.
Construction Supervisor
Phone: (253) 798-6826
Peterson Brothers, Inc.
Phone: (253) 863-8136
4301 South Pine Street, Suite 628
Tacoma, WA 98409
2008 East Valley Hwy E
Sumner, WA 98390