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Pierce County Diversion Opportunity Map

Crisis Reliability Indicators Supporting Emergency Services (CRISES): A Framework for Developing Performance Measures for Behavioral Health Crisis and Psychiatric Emergency Programs

Evaluation of the SAMHSA Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (PBHCI) Grant Program:  Final Report

The Emerging Business Models and Value Proposition of Mobile Health Clinics

Pierce County Integrated Community Behavioral Health Plan Framework

Crisis Now
Pierce County Council Committee of the Whole Meeting - 10/12/16

Best Practices in Behavioral Health and Public Safety System Design - Leon Evans

Roll Call Video

Analysis of Statewide Adult Correctional Needs and Cost - 2014 Report

Jail Diversion for People with Mental Illness in Washington State - A Study Conducted for the State of Washington Office of Financial Management

The Price of Jails: Measuring the Taxpayer Cost of Local Incarceration

Washington Mental Health System Assessment -
Initial Findings Report November 2016

2015 Report Card - Children's MH in the District of Columbia

Inpatient Psychiatric Capacity and Utilization in Washington State - Washington State Institute for Public Policy Report

Socio-economic and Environmental Impact of Homelessness in Olympia, Washington

Environmental Impacts of Homeless Encampments

Opioid Trends Across Washington State

NAMI State Mental Health Legislation 2015 Trends, Themes & Effective Practices

Prevent-Avert-Respond (PAR) Initiative Overview

Prevent-Avert-Respond (PAR) Mental Health Initiative

Parity or Disparity: The State of Mental Health in America

Prevention and Early Intervention B4Stage4:
The State of Mental Health in America 2016

Outcomes for Persons Discharged from Community Psychiatric Hospitals

Quality Indicators and Outcomes for Persons Discharged from State Psychiatric Hospitals
HSRI - Human Services Research Institute
Final Report on Pierce County Behavioral Health System Study by HSRI

PowerPoint Presentation by HSRI

Prevalence of Behavioral Health Needs in Pierce County vs. State by HSRI

Pierce County Behavioral Health System Study by HRSI - List of Recommendations