Current Projects


VHF Overlay Implementation

On June 12, 2017, the equipment for the 4-channel, 11-Site, VHF Overlay System began cold installs. Since our last report, we have completed equipment installs for Eatonville, Sparpole, and Fire Station 45. The next cold installs will occur with the Mineral and Grass Mountain sites. Our strategy is to complete the high sites prior to the winter months when access can be limited.

We finalized site drawings and submitted permit requests for Spring Hill, Home, and Edgewood sites. We estimate an 8-week turn around period. There have been no unanticipated delays in the project thus far.


UHF Data Upgrade and Pilot Site Security Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)

The UHF system has been stable and is operating normally since the cutover last month. We are making some minor adjustments to optimize coverage in the Lakewood coverage area.

The decommission process for the old 6-site system is complete and all spare equipment has been removed and returned to inventory for backup. Deconstruction of the old 450 foot Indian Hill is also complete and there are no punch list items. We are waiting for the final as-built drawings and system documentation which is 90 percent completed to close this project.

The next generation site security system for protecting critical infrastructure from terrorism, vandalism, and other physical threats and vulnerabilities underwent an Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) during this period. We have validated 75% of the system and the remaining tests will be completed in July. During the ATP process, we validated that the lighting and voice annunciator was set to standard, with the intent that coverage and volumes would not disturb our surrounding neighbors.

In 2017, Pierce Transit expanded the coverage of the UHF data network to meet operational requirement and funds all for the O&M and replacement costs within the CCN budget. Pierce County lobbied Congress over a 3-year period to improve and execute a Next Generation Integrated Lahar Warning System providing community protection for about 1.8 million residents throughout the Puget Sound region.

  • Pierce County in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey will be constructing a Next Generation Lahar Warning System.
  • The CCN provides a unique partnership by completing the integration of using the SCWCS 700 MHz and Microwave to provide seamless connectivity, which never existed in the past.