About the PLU Master Plan Update

image of Thun Field
Pierce County is preparing the Pierce County Airport-Thun Field Master Plan to identify the 20-year improvements for the airport. 

This update will allow us to evaluate topics such as airport facility and service improvements, user activity trends, design standards, and project development concepts. 

The focus of the plan is to:

  • Position the airport to meet community growth and interests
  • Accommodate existing and future aviation demands as envisioned by Pierce County
  • Align recommendations with Pierce County revenue and return benefit
  • Meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards and grant assurances
At the end of the process, we will have a year-by-year facility improvement plan which brings projects, people, and funding resources together in a coordinated manner.

Mead & Hunt has been selected to lead the update on Pierce County's behalf.

About the Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC)

The MPAC will serve as a standing advisory group throughout the process. The committee is comprised of individuals with various aviation and civic perspectives.

You can view meeting information here.


The update is expected to cost approximately $453,000. An FAA grant will fund $408,000, while a WSDOT grant will fund $22,500. A Pierce County local match will fund the remaining $22,500.