For Clients & Families

  1. Court Ordered Service Agency Contacts

    Browse through our list of available agencies that provide court ordered treatment and/or counseling services, including: Alcohol / Drug Programs, Anger Management, Consumer Awareness Programs, Defensive Driving School, Domestic Violence and Batterer’s Programs, Domestic Violence Victim Panel (Domestic Violence), and DUI victim Panel (Driving While Intoxicated).

  2. Courts We Support

    View this listing of the courts we represent in, with helpful information specific to each court.

  3. Lawyer Confidentiality

    Learn about the attorney / client privilege doctrine and what your attorney can divulge or share with family members and friends.

  4. Pierce County Jail

    Access helpful information for family members and friends of clients detained in the Pierce County Jail.

  5. Posting Bail

    Find out how to post a bond to be released from custody pending trial.

  6. Quashing a Warrant

    Find out what is a bench warrant and how to quash one.

  7. Types of Cases We Handle

    View a description of the types of cases we do and do not represent.

  8. Types of Hearings You Will Have

    Read a description of the most common kinds of hearings your case may have.