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Tax Title Property
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What does 'Tax Title' mean?

Properties offered at the Assessor Treasurer's tax foreclosure auction that did not receive the minimum bid are conveyed to Pierce County ownership and are held in 'tax title' status. Properties authorized for disposal may be purchased.

Current List of Tax Title Properties

Important Tax Title Property Information

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Tax title parcels are sold 'AS IS' 'WHERE IS' with no warranty. Thorough research by the purchaser is highly recommended.

Current tax title property inventory consists mostly of small narrow strips of land (5 ft. to 20 ft.) which are mainly beneficial to adjacent land owners.

Some properties contain environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands or steep slopes. Some properties may also have assessments and fees that need to be paid in addition to the tax foreclosure cost.

There are no homes on tax title properties. You may view other real property for sale, including parcels with houses, on the Real Property 'For Sale' page.

Tax Title Auction

A new Tax Title Auction is coming soon. Please check back later for more details!

Important Tax Title Property Information

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