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Courtroom Conduct
Expected Conduct
The following rules are expected to be followed in the courtroom:

Be Respectful
You must be quiet in the courtroom when observing. Always be polite when speaking and never use profanity. Speak clearly and loudly enough for the court reporter to hear - everything you say is being recorded.

Cell Phones & Pagers
All cell phones, pagers, mp3 players, tablets and all other electronic devices must be turned off while court is in session.

No Children
Please do not bring children to court. You may be asked to leave the courtroom if children are noisy or disruptive in any way. There are no child care facilities in the courthouse. If you have no choice but to bring a child, bring another adult to watch the child while you are in the courtroom.

No Food, Beverages or Pets
Never bring anything to eat or drink into the courtroom. The only animals allowed in the courtroom are those which assist people who are physically challenged.

No Weapons
Never bring a gun, knife or other weapon into the courthouse. You may be searched before entering the courtroom and courthouse. If you are appearing on the domestic violence docket, you can expect to be searched.

Guests in Criminal Division Courts and Attorney Areas
Attorneys and other authorized professionals who wish to bring guests into the secure criminal division (CD) courts and/or attorney conference areas in Superior Court are asked to comply with the following security protocols:

  1. Hosts must provide advance notice of at least two (2) court business days to permit the CD court judicial officers and the Superior Court Presiding Judge to be notified and approve.
  2. Hosts must provide the names of their guests (and ages of any guests under 18) at the time they provide their advance notice.   This will permit notification to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office Court Security Unit and Pierce County Facilities Security Personnel.
  3. Hosts must come to the Superior Court Criminal Division Office in Room 247 on the day of the visit, with their guests, to obtain Guest Observer Badges for each of their guests to wear while they are in the secure areas.  This will permit easy identification of authorized guests by court and security personnel.
  4. Hosts must agree to be responsible for supervising their guests at all times and ensuring that court rules and etiquette are followed.

Deputy Court Administrator Bruce Moran (798-4193) is the primary contact for any requests to bring guests into the secure areas.   Administrative Assistant Mary Madden (798-2991) is the secondary contact person should Bruce be unavailable for any reason.   Everyone’s cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated and will help Superior Court ensure everyone’s safety and security in the secure CD courts and attorney conference areas.

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