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Required Courses
Pierce County Required Training
Pierce County requires the following training for employees. Check the training schedule for details, dates, and registration information.

Attend Each of These Courses Once
  • It's Up to You, Stopping Sexual Harassment
  • Beyond Sexual Harassment
  • Domestic Violence Policy Online Video     
  • Domestic Violence Policy Supervisors' Training (directors, managers, supervisors)

Diversity Training - Attend One of These Courses Every Two Years 
  • Attitudes Toward Differences (prerequisite for classes listed below)
  • Age Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Appearance Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Color of Prejudice in the Workplace
  • Communicating with People with Disabilities
  • Gay Issues in the Workplace
  • Gender Communication Differences in the Workplace
  • Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • History of Discrimination in America
  • Linguistic Profiling in the Workplace
  • Racial Profiling in the Workplace
  • Same Gender Sexual Harassment in the Workplace