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Shoreline Master Plan amendments under consideration

shoreline.jpgPierce County is required to update its 1975 Shoreline Master Program and Shoreline Development Regulations based on changes to Washington state law that were approved by the legislature back in 2003. Pierce County has been working on its update since 2006, starting with a county-wide shoreline inventory and characterization analysis. Since that time, the county has formed a citizen’s advisory committee which conducted over 30 public meetings to study the issue and provide a recommended draft.

Shoreline Master Program Update: Pierce County Council’s Community Development Committee is having meeting out in the community on the proposed Shoreline Master Program. For more information on the upcoming meetings, visit the Shoreline Update webpage.

The Pierce County Planning Commission and a county council subcommittee have held numerous public meetings in an effort to solicit input from waterfront homeowners and county residents regarding the draft shoreline proposal. Open houses were held throughout the county in the summer of 2012 including an open house in the City of Bonney Lake.

Beginning in March 2014, the county council’s Community Development Committee held a series of public hearings throughout the county to solicit input from concerned citizens. These hearings and suggested changes by the public have resulted in 24 amendments to the draft shoreline regulation. Soon, the county council will go back out on the road to present the 24 amendments to the public in another round of hearings.

Highlights of the amendments include:

  • No required buffer for Lake Tapps Reservoir
  • A 50-ft required setback for new construction (based on the current 50-ft standard) and
  • Clarification that the maintenance of lawns, landscaping and gardens within the shoreline setback will be permitted.

Compliance with the Shoreline Management Act, imposed by the Washington State Legislature, has been a challenge for all councilmembers who value the protection of citizens’ property rights. As we move towards final consideration of the shoreline regulations in 2015, protection of your rights will be my highest priority.

2015 Comprehensive Plan update

The Pierce County Comprehensive Land Use Plan is the policy document adopted by the county council that provides the direction for growth and development in the unincorporated county over a 20-year time horizon. Pierce County is obligated (pursuant to Washington state law) to “update” or amend its Comprehensive Land Use Plan by June 30, 2015. Other counties in Washington state that are subject to the Growth Management Act must also update their comprehensive plans.

In Pierce County, comprehensive plan amendments may be initiated by the cities, towns, the county executive as well as the county council every other year. Applications for amendments must be received by July 31 in the even-numbered years (2014, 2016, etc.). Following plan amendment initiation (Resolution R2014-94s), all amendments under consideration are reviewed by the Planning and Land Services staff who provide a recommendation. That recommendation is considered by the Pierce County Planning Commission in a series of public meetings and returned to the Council by February 15, 2015.

The council’s Community Development Committee will hold at least one public hearing to consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation before final consideration of the 2015 Plan amendments by the county council next spring.
About Dan Roach 

Dan Roach was elected to the Pierce County Council in 2010. Councilmember Roach represents the communities of East Pierce County, including:

Councilmember Roach serves as the chair of the Council this year and is vice chair of the Performance Audit Committee. He also serves as the chair of the Jail Working Group. Find out other standing committees and external boards Councilmember Roach serves on.

Personal & Political Background Information

Prior to his election to the Pierce County Council, Dan served five consecutive terms in the House of Representatives, representing the 31st legislative district. There he served in various capacities ranging from House Republican leadership to ranking minority member of the Transportation Committee. Dan sponsored legislation fighting meth, identity theft and crime. He also fought for property rights and lower taxes. In 2007, he passed the Rest in Peace Act, which protects the families of our fallen veterans from funeral protestors.

Dan graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of arts in political science and minor in Spanish. Dan is active in the Boy Scouts of America and is a member of the LDS Church. He is also active in local schools, youth sports, and local chambers. Dan currently resides in the Bonney Lake area with his wife Melanie, and their five children. Dan and Melanie own Roach Gymnastics Inc., located in Sumner, Washington.

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