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Please Mark Your Calendars for September 29

The Pierce County Charter requires each council member to host one evening council meeting in each district, each calendar year. Last year, the 3rd District meeting was in Ashford and it was held in Graham the year before.

This year, I am pleased to announce that my in-district meeting will be at the Eatonville Community Center, September 29th, starting at 6:30 pm. The address is 305 Center St. West.

Hopefully, you will have time to get home from work, have dinner and arrive in time to enjoy watching the local Boy Scout Troop 604 present the colors. The evening’s program includes a short presentation on the history of Eatonville, updates on the town by the mayor and a school update by Eatonville’s superintendent.

There will also be a presentation describing the more than 20-year-old vision of a park at Lake Kapowsin that you won’t want to miss.

In addition to getting informed about the community, you can also bring your students for a civics lesson. A resolution is on the agenda and we will be appointing a citizen to an advisory board. We'll also be discussing Ordinance 2015-45: "An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Amending Ordinance No. 2002-7, as Amended by Ordinance No. 2014-47, by Removing the Prohibition Against the Discharge of Firearms on Approximately 600 Acres in the Graham/Kapowsin Area of Pierce County."

Please mark your calendars and plan on a very interesting and informative evening. I hope you can join us!

McCune takes on illegal drug sales and use in Pierce County

For many people, buying a home is the American Dream come true...so what would you do if criminals turned your dream into a nightmare by buying, selling and using illegal drugs right in front of your house? Erich Ebel speaks with a citizen who is facing that scenario and from Pierce County Councilmember Jim McCune.

Jim's human trafficking segment on Pierce County Talks

The International Labor Organization says there are nearly 21 million victims of human trafficking across the world. Nearly a quarter of the victims are children and over half are women and girls.

Washington State and Pierce County have joined the fight against human trafficking. We talk with Pierce County Council member Jim McCune and Chris Gilge from Washington Engage.

It is vitally important that our society not stand idly by as human beings are bought and sold as sex slaves and forced labor. Human trafficking is no different than modern-day slavery, and it's not going away. I will continue the fight against human trafficking, and you can help...
To get help, or offer help, call the national hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

Learn to identify the signs that someone may be involved:
  • Those who've had their ID, passport or documents taken away
  • Those who show signs of physical, sexual or emotional abuse
  • Those showing signs of physical restraint, confinement, or torture
  • Those being threatened by or are in debt to their boss
  • Those under 18 who are involved in the commercial sex industry
  • Those not free to come and go from their place of work
  • Those who work and don't seem to be receiving payment
Read the state report on Best practices in reducing human trafficking.
Visit the National Human Trafficking Resource Center online.
For more resources and information, visit Shared Hope International.

Washington Engage
REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade)
Polaris Project


Council proclaims January 2015 as Human Trafficking Prevention Month

R2015-9 Human Trafficking Proc 1.JPG

Members of the Pierce County Council voted unanimously in favor of a 
resolution declaring January 2015 to be Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The statistics are staggering. We cannot call ourselves a civilized society with a straight face while this victimization is taking place in our own backyard. Until we all recognize what’s happening and try to get involved to stop it, these crimes will continue to grow unchecked. That’s why I’m thankful this resolution will help draw attention to the issue and hopefully lead to fewer victims and stiffer penalties.

About Jim McCune (District 3 Representative)

Jim McCune was elected to the Pierce County Council in November 2012. Council Member McCune represents the communities of:


Council Member McCune serves as the Chair of the Public Safety and Human Services Committee. He also serves as a member of the Community Development Committee, as well as the Economic and Infrastructure Development Committee. Council Member McCune also serves on several other committees and external boards.

Council Member Jim McCune’s career began over 44 years ago as a provider of Copper River Salmon products in the private sector. Jim served on the board of Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC) for 12 years. PWSAC has 5 world class hatcheries in Alaska. These hatcheries are privately owned and operated, creating over 2,500 jobs directly and indirectly, contributing millions of dollars in the Pacific Northwest.

Councilman McCune discovered a desire for public service through his business associations and while taking private courses on early foundational American history and constitutional law. His passion for civics was inspired by the vision our founding fathers had for this country. They appealed to the Supreme Judge of the world for wisdom to design our constitutional republic; thereby, protecting our unalienable right to life, liberty and property. He emphasizes his hope that our courts will return to seeking original intent when deciding law. It is his utmost desire to uphold his oath to support and defend our state and federal constitutions. 

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord (Ps. 33:12)

Graham Business Association, member
Eatonville Chamber of Commerce, member
Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, member
Sons of the American Legion, member
2nd and 29th District Republican Club, member
Active church member
Adoptive parent

Washington State Legislator, 2nd Leg. District
Assistant scout master, Boy Scouts of America
Awana leader
Kiwanis Club, member
Food bank volunteer
Junior high and high school basketball coach for over 10 years
Director, adult community outreach basketball program
Former foster parent

Cornerstone Award, Association of Washington Business
Guardian of Small Business Award, National Federation of Independent Business
100 percent voting record, Farm Bureau
Numerous basketball coaching awards

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Jim McCune
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Jim McCune
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