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Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
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What's New

Updated Aug. 20,2014 - The expansion project reached several milestones in the second quarter:

  • Received a notice to proceed on Construction Package 4 on June 23
  • Executed the final Maximum Allowable Construction Cost for Construction Package 4 on June 5
  • Reached final completion of Construction Package 2 on May 21
  • Finished the design phase of the expansion project on March 24
  • Completed the Pretreatment Lab, Vactor Decant Facility, Electrical Service Building and Maintenance Storage Building
The contractor continues to work on the Aeration Basins, Secondary Clarifier, Digester, Solids Thickening Building, Biological Process Building, Reclaimed Water Building and Utilidors as part of Construction Package 3. A vast majority of the work is concrete for all new facilities.
About the project

Work has begun on a $353 million project to increase capacity and environmental benefit at the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. As our population increases and new customers connect, we need to expand the treatment capability of the plant and replace aging infrastructure before it wears out.

Benefits include:
  • Increased sewer capacity
  • Repair and replace aging infrastructure 
  • New technologies that help protect the environment

Project Location

Project Timeline

Project Photos

DEMON (Anammox)
Pilot Study


Project Funding

Total Project Cost: Approximately $353 million

Project Funding Sources:
  • $511,000 grant received from Washington State Department of Ecology (WSDOE) in March of 2011. This grant is from the ‘Clean Up Toxic Sites – Puget Sound’ fund and was approved by the State in the 2010 Supplemental Capital Budget Proviso Section 3010.
  • $60,000,000  loan received from WSDOE in August of 2014. This loan was funded by the Washington State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund, 2014 funding cycle.
  • $196,090,000 sewer revenue bonds received in 2012.
  • $53,660,000 sewer improvement bonds received in 2010.
  • Sewer rate revenue.
  • Capacity charge revenue.

Design Engineer: Brown & Caldwell 

General Contractor/Construction Manager: Mortenson Construction

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Ryan Dooley, P.E.
Project Manager
Ph: (253) 798-4280

Arnie Sheppard,
Construction Manager
Ph: (253) 798-4647

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