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Mid-County Land Use Advisory Commission
The Mid-County Land Use Advisory Commission (MCAC) serves in an advisory capacity on land use matters to the Executive, the County Council, the Hearing Examiner, the Planning Commission, and the Planning and Land Services Department per Pierce County Code (PCC) 2.45. MCAC meetings are held within the community and facilitate a structured two-way communication process between the County and community residents, property owners, and business owners regarding significant land use issues. The MCAC reviews applications for proposed developments within their community for which a public hearing is required and makes recommendations regarding updates to their community plan.

The MCAC is currently inactive due to the number of members. Members are needed to represent the communities of Summit View and Summit Waller. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the application form and return the signed copy to the Office of the Executive.

Commission members include:







   North Clover Creek Collins:      
 5  Dave Barber  R2015-51    4/15/2019  2 of 2
 5  Eric Herde  R2013-95  Chair  9/01/2017  1 of 2
 5  Herb Bickle  R2014-143  12/01/2018  1 of 2
   Summit View:         
 5    Vacancy  
 5      Vacancy  
 5      Vacancy    
   Summit Waller:         
 5  David Artz  R2013-70  Vice Chair  7/01/2017  1 of 2
 5  Vacancy    
 5    Vacancy    
Please contact Toni Fairbanks, Clerk, if you have additional questions about the Commission or upcoming meetings. Current LUAC Agendas 

Visit the Mid-County Community Plan page for information on the plan area and regulations.