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SWM Utility Rate Credit
Credit Program Changes
In January 2017, Pierce County Council approved modifications to the Surface Water Management credit program.

The changes include:
  • Allowing current participants to remain in the program until 2027 with a graduated decrease in the credit percentage beginning in 2018. Only existing parcels whose annual credit exceeded $12,500 will see a reduction over the ten year phase out period.
  • Creating updated requirements for new applications including: adherence to current development standards, continued participation based on compliance with Pierce County maintenance standards, maximum credit of 30 percent and a fixed five-year term to receive credit.
  • New applications are now due June 1. 
  • Requiring Pierce County to notify participants no later than July 1 of any maintenance deficiencies with a deadline of Oct. 1 to complete those repairs.
  • Eliminating Right of Entry documents for most participants.
  • Requiring new applicants to complete the development process prior to submitting the credit program application.
  • No longer allowing partial credit for new applicants. The entire drainage system serving the site must meet current design and maintenance standards. 
  • Not requiring annual and five-year certifications for new applicants. This requirement will remain for existing credit participants during the phase out period.
  • Using revenue SWM gains as a result of credit reductions to offset future rate increases for all rate payers.

Please contact Surface Water Management with your questions. 

Surface Water Management Credit Program
If you have a storm drainage system on your property that is constructed and maintained to current standards you may apply for a SWM utility charge credit. If you have agricultural land and have an approved farm management plan you may also qualify. Participation in the credit program can reduce SWM utility service charges by 30 percent. There is also a 10 percent fee reduction that can be earned with an approved rain water harvesting system.
Application and Recertification Process
To receive a reduction of SWM Utility charge, the applicant must:

  • Submit an application between Jan. 1 and Jun. 1 to receive credit for the following year. Applicants are encouraged to submit as early in the year as possible.
  • Submit approved as-constructed plans, calculations and the operations and maintenance manual for the site's drainage system. All three documents must be stamped and signed by a licensed engineer certifying the system has been constructed and is currently functioning as designed.
  • Provide documentation the county has legal access to the property to inspect the stormwater system. This can be the standard maintenance covenant recorded during the development process. 
  • Pierce County will perform a preliminary site assessment to verify conformance with as-constructed plans and maintenance standards. A site must meet current standards and have no maintenance deficiencies prior to acceptance into the program.                
  • Perform the required ongoing maintenance to keep the system functional, including periodic self inspections, keeping a maintenance log, and responding immediately to any maintenance deficiencies during the annual county inspections.                                                             

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