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Fees / Deposit Amounts
Forms of Payment
Accepted forms of payment are:
  • Cash
  • Attorney's checks
  • Money orders
  • Checks from government agencies 

The fee deposit for service of process is $150.00. Please see the appropriate intake sheet for deposit and fee amounts for other types of actions.

Service of Process
$150 minimum fee deposit - see accepted payment forms above. When the action is completed, we will total the actual fees and issue a refund check for the amount of the deposit not used or bill you for the balance due. The Civil Unit retains the original Return of Service until the balance due is paid.

Writs of Restitution
Writs of Restitution are $85 per defendant, $5.00 for Narrows Bridge toll if applicable, $20 for Return on writ plus mileage fees. See our civil intake sheets for more information about this type of writ. 

Domestic Violence, Vulnerable Adult, Stalking or Sexual Assault Protection Orders
There is no fee for these types of protection orders.

Anti-Harassment Protection Order
The fee is $60 plus mileage fees and $5.00 for Narrows Bridge toll if applicable. We will also honor the court's order waiving fees.

All other Actions
Access our civil intake sheets for more information about other types of court orders handled by the Sheriff's Department. Please call (253) 798-7520 or contact us with any questions about the services provided. The fees charged by the Sheriff's Department are mandated by Pierce County Code Chapter 4.56.