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Learn to Skate Program

General Information
As a member of the Ice Skating Institute’s weSKATE program, our basic skills classes are designed for the recreational skater with teaching, testing, and award ribbons/patches available for different levels of achievement in basic skills and freestyle.

Skate Instructors:
Sprinker Recreation Center proudly staff some of the most highly-qualified ice skating professionals:

Kathy Wainhouse, Skating Director, Janice Forbes, ISI Coordinator, Jodi Boise, Samantha Burnham, Danette Green, Lisa Martin, Sarah McPhee, Stacey Norris, Glenn Patterson, SueEllen Quick, Stephanie Rowland, Merrie Schultz, and Heidi Sullivan.

Levels of Instruction Include:
PreSkate 1, 2, 3 & 4, Beginning 1 & 2, PreAlpha, Alpha 1 & 2, Beta 1 & 2, Gamma 1 & 2, Delta 1 & 2, Beginning Freestyle, Freestyle 1, 2, & 3, and Specialty Classes.

Program Fee:
$76.00 8 wks for current ISI members
$15.00 Required ISI weSkate Membership*

Membership card or number required at time of registration. The program cost includes admission to the public session (on day of lesson only), skate rental, instructional fee, testing fee, ribbon or patch, and a pass good for two complimentary admissions to any regular price public skating session held during the 8 week lesson period.

*ISI Membership:
Required for ALL Learn-To-Skate participants. Membership card or number is required at the time of registration: $15 membership September 1-August 31.

Registration Information: 
Register at Sprinker Recreation Center in person, by phone 253-798-4000 (with Visa or Mastercard) or online. REGISTER HERE
  • Beginning skaters should register for Beginning 1 classes. PreSkate and Beginning skaters start class off the ice for weeks 1 & 2. Skaters are evaluated during the first 2 weeks and placed in the appropriate class level. At the end of the 7 or 8 week session, skaters will be tested and may earn a ribbon/patch before advancing to the next level.
  • Returning Skaters - It is recommended that returning skaters wait to register after their skills test on the last day of class. Pre-Registration is required. There must be at least 6 skaters in order to hold a class, otherwise the class will be cancelled or combined with other levels when possible. All-sports helmets or bike helmets are recommended for all PreSkate and Beginning skaters.
Registration and Class Dates:
 Session Session Dates 
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Nov 12-Jan 24, 2015  Registration now closed
Jan 26-March 28        Registration accepted now
April 13-June 13        Registration accepted Feb. 18

 Class Dates:

Ses 2 -Mon
Ses 3
Ses 4
Nov 17-Jan 19 (no class Dec 22, 29)
Jan 26-March 23 (no class Feb 2)
April 13-Jun 8 (no class May 25)
Ses 2 -Wed
Ses 3
Ses 4
Nov 12-Jan 21 (no class Nov 26, Dec 24, 31)
Jan 28-March 25 (no class Feb 4)
April 15-June 3
Ses 2 -Thurs
Ses 3
Ses 4
Nov 13-Jan 22 (no class Nov 27, Dec 25, Jan 1)
Jan 29-Mar 26 (no class Feb 5)
April 16-June 4
Ses 2 -Sat
Ses 3
Ses 4 (7 wks)
Nov 15-Jan 24 (no class Nov 29, Dec 27, Jan 3)
Jan 31-March 28 (no class Feb 7)
April 18-June 13 (no class May 16, 23)

Learn-To-Skate Lesson Schedule
The Learn-To-Skate is a series of 7 or 8 one-half hour lessons for children and adults. One make up class is permitted depending on availability with ISI Program Director approval.

Ages 4-6
Monday  Wednesday Thursday  Saturday
PreSkate 1, 2, 3, 4 5:30-6 PM  NA 10-10:30 AM  10:45-11:15 AM

Ages 7-UP
Monday Wednesday Thursday  Saturday
Beginning 1 5:30-6 PM 5:30-6 PM 10-10:30 AM 10:45-11:15 AM
Beginning 2
5:30-6 PM 6-6:30 PM  10-10:30 AM  *10:45-11:15 AM
6-6:30 PM 6-6:30 PM 10-10:30 AM  11:15-11:45 AM
6-6:30 PM   6-6:30 PM   10-10:30 AM  11:15-11:45 AM
Beg. Freestyle
Freestyle 1 
6-6:30 PM   5:30-6 PM  10-10:30 AM   10-10:30 AM
Freestyle 2
Freestyle 3 
 NA 5:30-6 PM  NA   10-10:30 AM
Freestyle 4 
 NA 5:30-6 PM NA   10-10:30 AM
*Saturday class time may be moved to 11:15am based on enrollment.

Class Times:
Class times are subject to change based on enrollment and reassigned on the first day of class. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your class time for possible changes and to pick up an attendance card

Limited Class Space:
Class enrollment is limited and determined on a first come first served basis. Sprinker prefers to limit enrollment to 12 students per class (9 for PreSkate 1 classes) whenever possible. Similar class levels may be combined to avoid canceling classes with low attendance.

Contact Us
Kyle Wintermute
Sprinker Recreation Center Manager

Sprinker Recreation Center
14824 C Street South
Tacoma, WA 98444 

Ph: (253) 798-4000

Contact Us 
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