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Canyon Road East - 99th Street Court East to 84th Street East (CRP 5726)
Canyon Road East from 99th Street Court East to 84th Street East

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CRP 5726 Right of Way Plans
Right of Way Plans

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Canyon Road Corridor Newsletter

Connecting Our Industrial Centers
March 2015
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Engineering: The preliminary engineering for the project is nearing completion. We are preparing to work on final details for all construction elements involved in the project.

Land: Right-Of-Way plans are being finalized.

Environmental: NEPA documentation is almost ready for submittal.

Geotechnical: A consultant to perform the geotechnical studies will be selected in the coming months. These geotechnical studies will provide information regarding the project pavement, stormwater facilities, retaining walls, and signal systems.

About the Project
Planned improvements to Canyon Road East from 99th Street Court East to 84th Street East (CRP 5726) are intended to enhance safety and relieve traffic congestion, and include the following:
  • Expanding to five lanes with a two-way left-turn lane.
  • Adding concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks from 96th Street East to 84th Street East.
  • Adding street lighting.
  • Improving the traffic signal at 84th Street East and adding a traffic signal at 96th Street East.
  • Adding an enclosed storm drain system, as well as stormwater treatment and storage facilities.

Other work being done by Pierce County:
  • The Surface Water Management Division completed construction of their Canyon Creek Stream Enhancement and Flood Mitigation Project (D138) from 90th Street East to 84th Street East just east of Canyon Road East in 2010. More information about this project is available at Canyon Creek Flood Mitigation and Stream Enhancement Project.
  • During the Summer 2012, the county overlayed this portion of Canyon Road East. This was necessary maintenance to help the pavement condition; hold up until the construction of this project (CRP 5726) can occur.
Project Timeline
May 2013: Complete preliminary engineering, construction cost estimate, and preliminary right-of-way plans.

Beyond May 2013: Right-of-way acquisition, environmental documentation, construction plans, specifications, estimates, and actual construction will all be determined based on availability of funding.

January 2014: Preliminary engineering phase is complete.
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Gregory Hess, P.E.
Design Supervisor
Ph: (253) 798-2283
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