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Transportation Plan Element Update

The Pierce County Transportation Element maps out the county's strategy for meeting our transportation needs to 2030. The Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) requires Pierce County to plan for an adequate transportation network and provide facilities and services to meet future needs.

The Transportation Plan contains policies applicable on a countywide scale and for specific Community Plan Areas.  The Growth Management Act also requires that the Transportation Element covers a wide range of topics inclusive of:

1. Land use assumptions considered in estimating transportation usage; 
2. Impacts of the plan to state roadways;
3. Projects and services to accommodate the travel needs;
4. Inventory of transportation services and facilities; 
5. Service standards for our roadways; 
6. Actions that would bring these roadways into compliance if our usage exceeded the service standards; 
7. Travel forecasts going forward at least ten years; 
8. Identification of state and local needs to meet current and future needs; 
9. Transportation demand Management Strategies;
10. Intergovernmental co-ordination; and
11.  A nonmotorized component.

The Draft Transportation Element (The full document is slow to open.)
The full Draft Transportation Element

Sections of the Draft Transportation Element (Get to what you need quickly!)
Table of Contents
Countywide Policies
Community Plan Policies
Technical Sections Preface
Existing Conditions and Trends, including Service Level Methodology
Current Transportation Plans, Programs and Projects
Population, Jobs, Travel Characteristics and Performance, including Forecasted 2030 Traffic Scenarios
The Recommended Plan
Financing the Transportation Future
Active Transportation/Nonmotorized Transportation
Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
Implementing the Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is scheduled to be considered by the County Council in June 2015.  The full Comprehensive Plan document and public meeting schedule can be found on the Comprehensive Plan Web Page.

Numerous Pierce County transportation planning documents were created before the current 2015 Comprehensive Plan process. The DRAFT Transportation Plan Preview produced in March 2009 was part of an attempt to update the Transportation Plan, which was then delayed to coincide with the Comprehensive Plan update.  The Transportation Plan Preview showed a range of potential land use and transportation alternatives for the future.  The latter document was not adopted by council but serves as an important template for current and future planning work.  Previous transportation planning documents can be accessed here at the links below.  One of the links is to the original 1992 Transportation Plan.  The rest of the documents are from 2008 and 2009.

Presentations & Publications

20-Year Transportation Plan Workshop 05-05-09

TPU Preview 

View TPU public involvement summary report 

View TPU phone survey results 

View TPU web survey results

20-Yr Transportation Plan (December 28, 1992)

Technical Reports (White Papers)

Transportation Safety White Paper DRAFT 05-08-08 

Road Operations and Maintenance White Paper DRAFT 06-26-08

Traffic Maintenance and Operations White Paper DRAFT 05-28-08 

Transportation System Preservation White Paper DRAFT 05-08-08 

Ferry Transportation System White Paper DRAFT 10-02-08 

Economic Development White Paper DRAFT 03-06-08 

Nonmotorized White Paper DRAFT 03-04-09 

Congestion and Improvements White Paper DRAFT 12-29-08

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