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Chambers-Clover Creek Groundwater Project
What is the project?
In 2006, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began to characterize the groundwater flow system in the Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed (CCCW). This information was used to develop a groundwater-flow model to help better understand the water resources in the CCCW.  

The model covers 491 square miles in the CCCW and can be used to assess the impacts of groundwater withdrawals on groundwater and streamflows during low-flow conditions. For more information, visit the USGS website

CCCW Groundwater Study Advisory Group
In 2011, an advisory group was formed to promote long-term model stewardship for future model users and to share new and existing model data. The group meets quarterly to discuss new data for model refinement and related water resource issues. Participation is open to any interested parties.  View a list of current members and technical experts

On-Going Monitoring
Initially, data was collected at 137 wells between March 2007-September 2008 for use in the groundwater flow model. In 2009, 77 wells were re-activated for data collection through 2014 to provide additional data to refine the model. 

In 2012, 10 more wells were re-activated to provide data for a Puyallup Watershed groundwater flow model being developed. For more information on the monitoring, visit the USGS monitoring website.

Reports and Other Information            
Tracking Model Usage and Data Archiving
In order to promote long-term model stewardship, and to provide a valuable technical resource for future model users, we would like to encourage all stake holders in the watershed to consider sharing their information about model usage (issues and insights) and their model simulation results. This will enable future model users and stake holders in the watershed to benefit from the experiences of current and future research, and will help prevent the duplication of work, hopefully save everyone time and money. Think of our web page as a "digital library", where everyone can get technical support and have access to information that ultimately helps all us do the best job possible of understanding and managing water resources in the Chambers-Clover Creeks Watershed.

Model Update
A project to update this model using new software began in fiscal year 2014. The update is expected to be completed in 2018. USGS is contributing a 40 percent match for the CCCW Model update and partnering with Pierce County, local water purveyors, and the state Department of Ecology. The new software will make possible better modeling on small scale projects. It will also better show the effects of groundwater on streamflows.
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