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Instructions for Home Users fertilizer_scoop-1_thumb.jpg

SoundGRO is a dry pelletized fertilizer that can be used immediately or stored in your garden shed or garage until you need it.

Follow these instructions for improved plant growth.

1 pound of SoundGRO = approximately 3 cups

Tree-green.jpgTrees - Apply 5 lbs of SoundGRO for every inch of the tree's diameter measured 4 feet from the ground. Apply under drip line or outer circumference of the tree.

bush-green.jpgShrubs - Spread 4 lbs of SoundGRO per 100 square feet on shrub beds.

carrot-green.jpgVegetable Gardens
- Mix 3 lbs of SoundGRO per 100 square feet into bedding soil in spring. Repeat when plants emerge.

annual green.jpgAnnuals - Mix 3 lbs of SoundGRO per 100 square feet into flower bed soils  in spring. Repeat when buds are forming.

perennial- green.jpgPerennials - Mix 5 lbs of SoundGRO per 100 square feet into the flower bed soils in spring. Repeat application when buds are forming.

grass-green.jpgGrass - Per RCW 15.24, SoundGRO is not intended for general application on lawns, except in certain limited circumstances. When planting new grass or repairing lawns, apply 20 lbs of SoundGRO per 1,000 square feet during the first growing season.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for SoundGro 5-5-0 Fertilizer

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for SoundGro 6-7-0 Fertilizer