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Claiming Decedent's Money

The decedent's personal property excluding money will be released to the funeral home designated by the legal next-of-kin. 

Money is never released from the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office (PCMEO).   For decedents with cash equal to or less than $100.00, the money will be inventoried and released to the funeral home designated by the legal next-of-kin, or to the investigating law enforcement agency as appropriate.  For decedents with cash in excess of $100.00, the money will be deposited with the Pierce County Budget & Finance office.  In accordance with Washington law, the money will be made available to the legal next-of-kin after forty (40) days or more have elapsed since the decedent’s death. 

To claim the money, the legal next-of-kin must submit a completed and notarized Affidavit for Distribution of Decedent’s Property. Two additional documents are provided as well.  The Notice to Successors document must be used if there is more than one person with equal claim on the estate and the Claim Property on Behalf of Another form shall also be completed and submitted if required.  All documents are available by clicking on the hyperlinks above or copies of the documents are available at the PCMEO during business hours. 

After receipt of the required document(s), the PCMEO administrative staff will submit a request for payment.  After the payment request has been approved by the Budget & Finance office, that office will issue and mail a check to the name and address as it is listed on the affidavit. 


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