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Committee Amendments As Passed By Date
Amendment Description Committee Action Date  Link
Committee Amendment 1
Proposed substitute exhibits to Ord No. 2013-45 03/02/2014 2013-45
Committee Amendment 2
Proposed title change 03/03/2014 2013-45
Committee Amendment 2
Shoreline buffer standards 07/21/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 5
Saltwater dock length 07/21/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 6
Launching ramps for marinas and recreation use 07/21/2014
Committee Amendment 7
Authorize use of sink and toilet in boathouse 07/21/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 8
Aquaculture 07/21/2014
Committee Amendment 9
Committee Amendment 11 Significant oak trees 08/04/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 13 Critical area exemptions and waivers 08/04/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 15 Nonconforming uses 08/04/2014 2013-45s

Oral Amendment
Committee Amendment 17 Staff technical amendments 08/04/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 18 Expansion of existing improvements within the standard shoreline buffer 08/04/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 19 Substantial development permits for freshwater docks 08/04/2014 2013-45s
Committee Amendment 22  Constitutional protection 08/04/2014 2013-45s 
Committee Amendment 23  Aquaculture monitoring 08/04/2014 2013-45s 
Committee Amendment 24  Shoreline regulations for Lake Tapps 09/15/2014 2013-45s 
Committee Amendment 25  Water access facilities 09/15/2014 2013-45s 
Committee Amendment 10  Finfish aquaculture 10/06/2014 2013-45s2 
Committee Amendment 1  Aquaculture 03/02/2015 2013-45s3 
Committee Amendment 2 Aquaculture and aquatic habitat 03/02/2015 2013-45s3
Committee Amendment 3 Modifying shoreline environmental designation for two parcels on the north shoreline of Lake Florence 03/02/2015 2013-45s3

Attachment to Amend 3
Committee Amendment 4  Restoration of development due to damage 03/02/2015 2013-45s3 
Committee Amendment 5 Nisqually reach aquatic reserve 03/02/2015 2013-45s3 

Attachment to Amend 5
Committee Amendment 6  Water access facilities serving residential lots 03/02/2015 2013-45s3 
Committee Amendment 7 Clarifying definition of shoreline stabilization 03/02/2015 2013-45s3 
Committee Amendment 8 Maintaining a critical area exemption that currently applies Countywide 03/02/2015 2013-45s3 

* NOTE: Amendment numbers not shown have either been withdrawn or did not pass.