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Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan
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Pierce County Parks and Recreation
Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan
Pierce County’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan contains a long-term vision for the Pierce County parks system and proposes improvements to the parks system based on that vision.

The total cost to complete all of the projects in the PROS Plan is $360 million. Park revenues for capital projects over the next 6 years are only $7.6 million. At this rate, it would take over 145 years to complete the system at current revenue levels.
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The PROS Plan is an element of the County's Comprehensive Plan and covers the period from 2014 to 2030.

The Draft 2014 PROS Plan also contains:
  • An inventory of park properties
  • A discussion of County population trends and growth projections
  • An analysis of the communities’ needs and desires
  • Revenue forecasts for park development funds
  • A regional trails plan
  • A habitat component summarizing Pierce County’s extensive work on critical areas, shorelines, watersheds, and biodiversity plans over the last decade


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