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2015 Asphalt Overlay Program (CRP 5815)
2015 Asphalt Overlay Program





What's Happening
Paving is complete on all groups.  The remaining work consists of:
  • Replacing the curb between the medians
  • Pavement markings
About the Project
This project involves pavement resurfacing and sidewalk ramp upgrades at various locations (also called "Groups") throughout the County. The locations include:

Group 1:
  • Garfield St S (Park Ave S to Pacific Ave S)
Group 2:
  • Canyon Rd E (200' s/o 116th St E to SR 512 EB ramp)
  • 112th St E (50th Ave E to 58th Ave E)
Group 3:
  • 9th St E (275' e/o 182nd Ave E to 1,325' e/o 190th Ave E)
  • 9th St E thru 12th St E (450' w/o 198th Ave E to 675' e/o 198th Ave E)
  • 210th Ave E thru 214th Ave E (208th Ave E to 160' s/o 23rd St Ct E; west leg)
Group 4:
  • Gem Heights Dr E (Silver Creek Ave E to 178th St Ct E)
Group 5:
  • 224th St E (Mountain Hwy E to 325' e/o Mountain Hwy E)
Group 6:
  • 8th Ave E (Mountain Hwy E to 200th St E)
  • 200th St E (8th Ave E to Hidden Village Dr E)
  • Hidden Village Dr E (200th St E to 204th St E)
Group 7:
  • 26th Ave S (265' s/o 96th St S to 96th St S)
  • 96th St S (75' w/o 26th Ave S to 65' e/o 26th Ave S)
Group 8:
  • B St E (50' n/o 177th St E to 176th St E)
  • B St E (176th St E to 175th St E)
Group 9:
  • 196th St E (B St E to 75' e/o B St E)
  • B St E (Mountain Hwy E to 192nd St E)
Group 10:
  • 46th Ave E (200th St E to 224th St E)
Group 11:
  • Waller Rd E (152nd St E to 300' n/o Brookdale Rd E)

Project Timeline
July 08, 2015: Pierce County awarded the contract to Tucci and Sons, Inc.

Aug 04, 2015: Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

Aug 24, 2015: Pierce County issued the Notice To Proceed

Spring 2016: Anticipated Substantial Completion date  

Spring 2016: Anticipated Physical Completion date  
Contact Us

Henry Gertje, P.E.
Construction Supervisor
Ph: (253) 798-6826
Contact Us

Public Works
4301 South Pine Street,
Suite 628
Tacoma, WA 98409
Tucci and Sons, Inc.
4224 Waller Road
Tacoma, WA 98443-1623
Ph: (253) 922-6676