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Water System Plan
The Tacoma Narrows Airport water system plan was updated via Resolution by the Pierce County Council on March 8, 2016. The resolution and plan are available here.

The plan covers how the county manages and operates the water system, and describes system needs in the next 20 years. The plan addresses topics such as increasing connections to meet projected need, setting goals for water conservation, and recommended maintenance.

The plan found that the airport’s water system is well-equipped and doesn’t require any urgent upgrades or modifications.

System needs

The plan is required by the Washington State Department of Health before the county can add additional connections. While the actual growth rate at the airport is difficult to determine, the plan projects that three new connections will be needed in six years, with another eight needed in 20 years.

Water use efficiency goals
State law requires municipal water systems such as the one at Tacoma Narrows Airport to identify water use efficiency goals. Pierce County Public Works has set a goal of reducing water usage by 10 percent by 2020.

The plan calls for Pierce County to install service meters on the 19 existing connections by the end of 2016. These meters will help Pierce County Public Works track usage, identify ways to save water and evaluate the system for leaks.

The plan also calls for Pierce County to add water conservation language to all new and renewed leases. Water service is included in leases with connections. All new connections would be required to go through a review and approval process if the plan is adopted.

Maintenance needs
Maintenance needed in the next six years includes making minor repairs to the airport hydrants and sealing the pump house. The plan also recommends replacing the system’s two-inch galvanized water lines that connects businesses on the east side of the airport to the system within 20 years.