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February 2 Drainage District Election

Official Election Results    
Final Report        
Official Candidate Filings  
Notice of Election and Public Meetings

February 9 Special Election
Final Results (.pdf)        
Final Abstract (.pdf)  (.xls)
Canvassing Report No. 1
Final Report
Ballots Returned by Day
Ballots Returned by District
Ballot Measures and Validation Requirements
Sample Ballot            

Online Voters' Guide

Complete Resolution Text

Petition to form a Metropolitan Park District in University Place

Petition FAQ's
Petition Information (from citizen’s petition page)

Status: Validated (2,950)
Signatures validated - 2,953
Signatures challenged -877
Total signatures reviewed - 3,830
Petition pages reviewed - 220 
Petition pages submitted - 220      

Detailed signature statistics 

Proposed University Place Metropolitan Park District 
(citizen's petition)
Candidates in Lot Draw Order

April 26 Special Election

Final Results (.pdf)
Final Abstract (.pdf) (.xls)
Canvassing Report No. 1
Ballots returned by district
Ballots returned by day  
Ballot Measures and Validation Requirements
Sample Ballot  
Voters' Pamphlets
Pierce County Advisory Vote, Bethel SD 403, Eatonville SD 404, and East Pierce Fire & Rescue. (PDF)

University Place Proposed Metropolitan Park District and Candidates (PDF)

Online Voters' Guide  

Pierce County Ordinance No. 2015-27s
School District No. 403 (Bethel)
School District No. 404 (Eatonville)
East Pierce Fire & Rescue

 Petition - City of Tacoma    

Save Tacoma Water Initiative Measure No. 6
Signatures validated 3320
Signatures challenged  1643
Total signatures reviewed 4963
Petition pages submitted 391

Signatures needed to validate 3,160.

(Court ruled issue is not to be placed on ballot.)
May 24 Presidential Primary

Pierce County and Statewide Results (.pdf)

Final Abstract (.pdf) (.xls)
Canvassing Report
Final Certification Report

Sample ballot

Online Voters' Guide

Election at-a-Glance

Ballots returned by day

August 2 Primary Election 

Pierce County and Statewide Results  (.pdf)
Final Abstract (Excel) (PDF)Canvassing Report 1
Certification Report
Ballots Returned by Day
Ballots Returned by District
Historical Ballot Returns           
Validation Requirements           Sample Ballot           
PCO Sample Ballot           

Voters' Pamphlets
Local Voters' Pamphlet (pdf)
Pierce County Candidates - Video Voters' Guide
Online Voters' Guide
State Candidates -
Video Voters' Guide           

City of Buckley                       
Town of Eatonville  
Fire Protection District No. 6 Proposition No. 1 (Central Pierce) 
Fire Protection District No. 6 Proposition No. 2 (Central Pierce)
Fire Protection District No. 13 
(Browns Pt)
Fire Protection District No. 14 
Fire Protection District No. 16 
(Key Peninsula)
Fire Protection District No. 17 
(South Pierce)
Fire Protection District No. 21