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Bresemann Blvd S / Military Rd S (CRP 5834)
Bresemann Blvd S at Military Rd S

Project Location

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Roadway Section
Right of Way Plans
Right of Way Plans  

What's Happening
Engineering: We're finalizing the design engineering for the project and developing plans and specifications for a late February 2017 advertisement.

Land: 588-square feet of Pierce County Parks land will be converted to Road Right of Way.
About the Project
Planned improvements to the intersection of Bresemann Boulevard South / Military Road South (CRP 5834) are intended to improve pedestrian safety and access.  The improvements will include the following:
  • Constructing a pedestrian crosswalk with rectangular rapid flashing beacons.
  • Providing ADA accessible path or curb ramps at each side of the crosswalk.
  • Providing a pedestrian refuge median in center lane.
  • Installing roadway illumination.
Project Timeline
June 2016 to January 2017: Gathering field data; Design engineering; Development of construction plans, specifications, and estimates.

Spring 2017: Project advertisement.
Contact Us

Gregory Hess, P.E.
Design Supervisor
Ph: (253) 798-2283
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