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2017 Asphalt Overlay Program (CRP 5840)
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Bid Information

2017 Asphalt Overlay Program (CRP 5840)
Bid Opening Friday, March 31, 2017
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Bid Package for 2017 Asphalt Overlay Program (CRP 5840)
Detailed information on the project specifications and contract plans can be found in the attached links:

Notice: The bid documents are provided for informational purposes only and not intended to replace the formal bidding process. If you download the bid package, it is your responsibility to ensure your company's name and address be added to the planholder's list. To be added to the planholder's list you must purchase the bid documents via mail or in person, as outlined below. Alternatively, documents may be obtained through Builders Exchange. No bid proposals will be accepted via email. Bidders must follow the instructions in the invitation to bid.
About the Project
Pavement resurfacing improvements are planned to the existing asphalt concrete or cement concrete on several roadways under the 2017 Asphalt Overlay Program (CRP 5840) unless otherwise noted below. Locations may include the following:

Group 1:
  • 214th Ave E (710' s/o 34th St E to 158' s/o 23rd St Ct E)
Group 2:
  • South Prairie Rd E (100' w/o 234th Ave E to 165' w/o SR 162)
Group 3:
  • Orting Kapowsin Hwy E (246th St E to 290' n/o 200th St E)
Group 4:
  • Military Rd S (653' w/o Spanaway Loop Rd S to 235' w/o C St S)
Group 5:
  • Waller Rd E (70' s/o Chesney Rd E to 30th Ave E)
  • Waller Rd E (400' n/o 128th St E to 112th St E)
Group 6:
  • Key Peninsula Hwy N (12' s/o 138th Ave KPN to SR 302)
Group 7:
  • 152nd St E/Brookdale Rd E (Waller Rd E to 200' w/o 53rd Ave E)
Group 8:
  • North Levee Rd E (Fife City Limits to Puyallup City Limits)
Group 9:
  • 128th St E (35' e/o 79th Ave Ct E to 82nd Ave E)
Group 10:
  • 168th St S/168th St E (SR 7 to 100' e/o B St E)
  • B St S (60' N and S of 168th St E)
 Group 11: 
  • Center Drive (Hamilton Ave to International Pl N)

The number of groups actually paved will depend on the available budget, and the bids received.
Bidder information via Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc.
Plans, specifications, addenda, bidders' list, and plan holders' list for this project are available through Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc.

Free-of-charge access is provided by going to the following link:
Bidder information via Mail
Hard copy or CD of the plans and specifications may be purchased by mail by sending a check in the amount of $20.00 ($15.00 contract cost plus $5.00 mailing cost) for hard copy or $16.00 ($15.00 CD plus $1.00 mailing cost) for CD to:

Pierce County Public Works
4301 South Pine Street, Suite 628
Tacoma, WA 98409-7207
Phone: (253) 798-7250

All requests for plans and specifications shall require payment of the above costs prior to Pierce County furnishing the documents.

Bidders that obtain paper or CD copies are encouraged to "Register" online at http://bxwa.com in order to receive automatic addenda notification by email and to appear on the "Bidders' List" if they so desire. Bidders that obtain paper or CD copies by mail from Pierce County will be required to provide an email address to which Pierce County will send any addenda that may be issued for the project.
Notice to prospective bidders
In accordance with Section 1-02.4(1) of the Standard Specifications, it is Pierce County's policy that no contact with prospective bidders occur during the bidding process. Questions that are pertinent to bidding the contract and are not answered by information contained in the Standard Specifications, Contract Plans or Specifications, will be responded to by submitting them to:

Pierce County Public Works
Attn: Patrick Baughman, P.E., PMP, - Design Supervisor
Fax: (253) 798-4233

Emails and Faxes: Must be received at least 72 hours prior to the bid opening for a response. A notification confirming receipt of your question will be provided via email or fax. Please contact us via phone if you do not receive an immediate receipt notification.

County's Response: will be sent by email or fax approximately two days prior to bid opening, if possible, to everyone who has purchased plans.
Contact Us

Patrick Baughman, P.E., PMP
Design Supervisor
Ph: (253) 798-3157
Contact Us

To purchase bid packages by mail:

Public Works
Tacoma Mall Office Bldg
4301 South Pine Street
Suite 628
Tacoma, WA 98409-7207
Ph: (253) 798-7250