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About District 6
District 6 includes the
communities of:


 District 6 Demographics
Estimated Population: 122,285


Estimated Average Median Income: 52,633
Estimated Income Range: 16,250- 148,864

Estimated Average Median Age: 37
Estimated Average Median Age Range: 13-67

Estimate: Total White alone: 80,076
Estimate: Total Black or African American alone: 13,802
Estimate: Total American Indian and Alaska Native alone: 1,786
Estimate: Total Asian alone: 8,783
Estimate: Total Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone: 3,458
Estimate: Total Some other race alone: 4,860
Estimate: Total Two or more races: 9,520

Estimate: Hispanic or Latino: 19,715
Estimate: Not Hispanic or Latino: 102,570

Population: In all Block Groups that are split between more than one County Council District, population was calculated by multiplying the total for the block group by the percent of the block group area located within the district. The exception to this is the block group that is split between Districts 3 and 6, the entire population was added to District 6 (JBLM). This estimate was used for population and race statistics.

Average Median Income and Average Median Age: American Community Survey data provides a median for each census area. To create median estimates by Council Districts requires the source data for each census geography that falls within the council district. That data is not available. All calculations of “average” for the Districts are actually averages of the medians.