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Additional Forms:
Request for Fee Refund Form  (PCC Chapter 2.05 Public Records Request Form

Build or Demolish Something
triangle.pngGet a - Fire Permit
triangle.pngGet a - Sewer Permit 
triangle.pngGet a - Health Department Permit
triangle.pngPlace a Sign

Receive Information about My Property or Project
triangle.pngCustomer Information Meeting
triangle.pngSite Specific Information
triangle.pngNonconforming Use Confirmation
triangle.pngInnocent Purchaser Review

Get a Land Use Permit or Divide My Property
triangle.pngLand Use Permit or Approval
triangle.pngDivide my Property or Change my Property Boundary        

Roads, Driveways, Grade Fill or Clear, Storm Drainage,
Flood Studies
triangle.pngBasic and Advanced Abbreviated Site Development Plan
triangle.pngRoad and Storm Drainage Deviation/Variance
triangle.pngDrainage Control Plan
triangle.pngGate Permit
triangle.pngFloodplain Review
triangle.pngGeological Assessment Review
triangle.pngTraffic Impact Analysis Review 

Apply for Natural Resource Review
triangle.pngWetland/Fish & Wildlife
triangle.pngRemove Trees from my Property
triangle.pngRemove a Development Moratorium
triangle.pngState Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Build/Alter Property within Shoreline Jurisdiction (Title 20)
triangle.pngShoreline Accessory Structures
triangle.pngShoreline Exemption Review
triangle.pngShoreline Substantial Dev. 
triangle.pngShoreline Conditional Use     
triangle.pngShoreline Variance
triangle.pngShoreline Nonconforming Use