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Codes Administered by PALS

Regulations Administered by PALS
Various titles of the Pierce County Code administered by Planning and Land Services are listed below. Included with each is a summary of the title. All titles are available only as PDF files.

Online Development Regulations being Updated – Use adopted Ordinances

The online Code has not been updated to reflect seven County ordinances which revise land use regulations and zoning maps. These changes went into effect on either June 30th or July 1, 2016.  Until the online Code is updated, please refer to the ordinances provided below. 

Note: Ordinance No. 2016-24s2 has the compiled changes from four ordinances for Title 18A Use Tables and Use Descriptions.  Links to the seven ordinances are provided below: 
Ordinance No. 2015-27s
Ordinance No. 2015-40
Ordinance No. 2016-14s
Ordinance No. 2016-15
Ordinance No. 2016-18
Ordinance No. 2016-24s2
Ordinance No. 2016-34s

Please Note
The titles listed below are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. Care has been taken in converting these documents to electronic format; however, from time to time errors may occur. Additionally, these titles may be amended by Pierce County periodically, and as a result the electronic version may not reflect the amended title.

To ensure that you are viewing the most recent update of a particular section, chapter, or title of the code, please contact the Pierce County Code Revisor at (253) 798-6068 or email the Code Revisor. This is not the official source for citation of the Pierce County Code.

Pierce County shall not be liable to the user for damages of any kind, including lost profits, lost savings or any other incidental or consequential damages relating to the providing of the data or the use of it. The user shall have no remedy at law or equity against the county in case the data or map provided is inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise defective in any way.


Stormwater Manual and Road Standards