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SoundGRO Fertilizer

SoundGRO Distribution Change

sign.jpgStarting March 15, 2014, individual bags of SoundGRO will no longer be sold at the Chambers Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Individual bags will continue to be sold through local
This change does not affect large volume orders. To place an order, email us or call 253-798-3099.

Note: March 14 "free SoundGRO" promotional offer valid 2009 only.

Flower imageAll Natural Fertilizer
SoundGRO is the natural choice fertilizer product for your landscaped areas and vegetable gardens. SoundGRO Contains 100% natural organic nitrogen, plus nutrients and micronutrients that are vital for the healthy growth of your plants.


SoundGRO has many benefits over regular chemical fertilizers:
  • Slow-release SoundGRO works over a longer period of time, decreasing the need for frequent fertilizing.
  • SoundGRO has a low salt index, so it can be applied even in the hottest, driest weather without risk of burning your plants.
  • SoundGRO's composition improves soil structure.
  • SoundGRO is safe for the environment and will not infiltrate groundwater or pollute rivers and lakes.

Manufactured LocallySoundGRO

SoundGRO is a fertilizer product manufactured at the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant from solid residual by-products (biosolids) of the wastewater treatment process. SoundGRO meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) highest standards for biosolid safety and is classified as Class A 'Exceptional Quality' product.

Using fertilizer manufactured from biosolids is a safe and effective way of 'closing the loop' and recycling our natural resources.

Individual bags of SoundGRO may be purchased through a number of local distributors. SoundGRO is also available in bulk quantities, including in 1-ton palletized bags (40-50 lb. bags) and in 1-ton totes. SoundGRO is not currently available in loose bulk. Orders will be filled as supply allows. To place a large-volume or commercial order, email us or call 253-798-3099.

Note: March 14 "free SoundGRO" promotional offer valid 2009 only.

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