Jury Service Information

New Blue Postcard

Pierce County Superior Court has recently implemented using a blue postcard to notify jurors of selection for jury duty. Jury responses may now be submitted either through our webpage or by telephone using our Interactive Voice Response system. View an instructional video about responding to the blue summons postcard using this website. This video will be updated in the near future to incorporate these new summons and response processes. 

All Jury Duty canceled thru July 3, 2020

Respond or Check Status

To respond to your summons notice or check your current status, go to our jury response webpage or call (253) 798-8808 within seven days of receipt. For problems with your login, or a postponement, please contact us via email at PCJuryOffice@co.pierce.wa.us

Disability Accommodation

Pierce County Jury Administration complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Washington State Supreme Court General Rule 33 (GR-33). If you have a disability and have been summoned for jury service, you can request a reasonable accommodation of your disability to allow you equal access to court facilities, programs and activities. Please contact the Jury Administration Office at (253) 798-7818 or by e-mail at supcrtjury@co.pierce.wa.us and let them know the disability you have and the specific accommodation you are requesting.

Quick Facts about Jury Service

  • Jury service is an important civic responsibility.
  • Your name was selected at random from voter registration and driver's license records.
  • Your term of jury service is generally one week. This time may be extended if you are selected for a trial which may take longer than your original service requirement.
  • Your answers to the four step juror response phone line (253) 798-8808 or juror response webpage qualifies you for jury service or exemption. To serve on a jury you must:
    • Be able to communicate in the English language
    • Be a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the county in which you are to serve as a juror
    • Have had your civil rights restored if you were ever convicted of a felony
    • Be at least 18 years of age
For greater general information regarding jury service in Washington, view the Juror's Handbook to Washington Courts.

Additional Information

For additional information about jury duty not found in this section, watch Welcome to Jury Duty on PCTV Channel 22 on Saturdays at 6 p.m.

What to Bring

Jurors are welcome to bring their lunch. There is a refrigerator and two microwaves in the jury room. There is an espresso bar located in the first floor lobby as well as nearby restaurants. Jurors are also welcome to bring laptops and cell phones; however, you can only use them in the jury room or lobby area. We also have Wi-Fi and plug-ins available for our jurors.

Scent Warning

Please do not wear perfume while you are here on Jury Duty. Many people have allergies and respiratory issues that can create several breathing problems.

Serving on Juries
Here is a short video about jury duty. It is provided in a couple different formats for viewing versatility