Conservation Futures Program

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Program Overview

Conservation Futures is a land preservation program for the protection of threatened areas of open space, timber lands, wetland, habitat areas, agricultural and farm lands within the boundaries of Pierce County. Conservation Futures funds are used to acquire the land or the rights to future development of the land. Conservation Futures is administered by the Pierce County government, Ordinance 2012-82s.

The funding for this program is a state authorized / county property tax. The Pierce County Council enacted the tax and all property taxpayers pay 6.25 cents per $1,000 of assessed value of each Pierce County owned parcel. These monies, identified in the budget as Conservation Futures, are budgeted annually by the Pierce County Council.

Application Process

The application process starts with a project "sponsor" who would like to submit a property. Any individual, who does not have an interest in the land, non-profit group, city, town or Pierce County agency who wishes to preserve an eligible property can become a project sponsor and propose a property for purchase.

Property can be the land itself or certain rights associated with the property. The rights may also be given as a gift, grant, bequest, devise (will) or be leased. The seller of the property may retain limited use of the property rights as part of the sale.

The sponsor is responsible for completing the Property application form. The sponsor also signs a Sponsor's Affidavit indicating that the property owner is aware of the application and obtain a signature from a receiving agency on an affidavit. Print a Project Proposal application or pick one up at:

Pierce County
Parks and Recreation Administration Office
9112 Lakewood Dr. SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Application Review

The review process begins in May of each funding cycle. The next Conservation Futures application process will begin in 2017.

The completed Project Proposal application is submitted to Pierce County Parks and Recreation and is forwarded to the Conservation Futures Program Staff. Each project proposal will be reviewed by the following three bodies:

  • Technical Advisory Committee reviews all of the Project Proposals for completeness and content.
  • The Citizens' Advisory Board reviews and rates each Project Proposal presentation by the Sponsor in an open public meeting.
  • The Pierce County Council will have the final review and will identify which project proposals Conservation Futures staff should attempt to purchase.


Ryan Walker, Conservation Futures Manager
(253) 798-4252 |